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Always a Palm Tree Day. About this site: Everybody Wants a Palm Tree.

Initially, like most web developers in 1999, I did not own a private domain like for my monkeys and I. Instead, I hosted my first website on the University of Illinois "" servers.

One memorable collection was my personal Web site, known as The Realm of Shailiness. In my free time, I expanded The Realm of Shailiness pretty rapidly, and it ran from 1999-2003, a year after my college graduation.

When it was time for a new, larger and more private Web space, I purchased "" to develop it in September of 2002. I was specifically choosing to host the Realm of Shailiness (with a fresh look) with a more private web hosting provider.

The name "PrincessMonkey" is derived from a stuffed monkey that I own, and in my college years, we rescued her to live with my Monkey Club collection.

Everyone wants a Palm Tree! The name also represents my array of artistic and classic interests, which range from actress Audrey Hepburn and musical star and dancer Gene Kelly, my Disney doll collection, to my photographs, to my fansite about Earl and Mooch in Patrick McDonnell's Mutts comic strip, my favorite quotes, and The Monkey Shop to buy cute+unique gifts. There is so much to explore, so I also created two blogs at PrincessMonkey and Moderator!

I personally wrote most of the HTML, CSS, and XML on this website since 1999, and I have no plans to stop. Thanks to all of the guests who visited my old sites, as well as those of you who continue to visit my monkeys and I. I appreciate your words of encouragement and suggestions.

I hope this website is around to inspire generations of visitors in the future.


Princess Monkey, thinking about the future of this site. She thanks all of the nice, considerate people that visit here...
We know you're out there guys. :)

Always a Palm Tree Day. A note to other Webmasters: Everybody Wants a Palm Tree.

Do you think something on would look GREAT on your website, blog or your favorite discussion board?

If yes, I am flattered! Please take a moment and talk to us before you share that link to my stuff onto your website.

Plagiarism hurts creativity on the Internet. If you do it, or you saw someone do it... Isn't that sad? I hand-write the code and styled these pages myself. I also pay for Web space. Please don't ruin the Web by stealing.

I have seen images and text that I personally authored for this site (which were not scanned or copied) on the Internet. I stopped several individuals, but this copying hurts to the point of taking down certain pages of my site. I do continue to pretect the integrity of my designs.

If you've authored anything online that you are proud of, you probably know what I'm talking about.

Feel free to link to this website, but please do not save anything on this site for something other than strictly personal use.

You can save stuff on your hard drive, but unless you link back to me for credit, it is not for your Web site. This request applies to all print-work, pictures, movies, and text.

1.) I can tell you if I made the image(s) that you want, or if they're public domain. In 85% of the pieces, I made it myself. Sometimes you can tell, sometimes you can't.

2.) Tell me WHERE you will save and display my work. Send me a link if it's online. It's not cool to visit a Web site that features a bunch of stolen images.

3.) You may use my work for educational presentations. One professor did this when he lectured overseas. Or you can use my work in your classroom, like a US instructor did on his worksheets.

All of these happy visitors did one thing before they saved and posted the stuff: They asked me about it first.

Creativity is precious.
Show your guests that you care.

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Princess Monkey and I appreciate your help.

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