Patrick Mcdonnell and his Mutts

Artist Patrick McDonnell's Mutts is one of the best comic strips today. Earl and Mooch, a dog and cat duo, share not-so-innocent adventures, which Patrick has been able to present from a unique perspective—the animals' point of view. It remains one of few comics where animals do not converse with their human companions.

Earl is a lovable, white dog with black ears, and Mooch is his sentimental and spotlight-stealing black cat friend. The pair candidly discusses the world in which they live and talk amongst their animal friends, though they also have realistic lives as pets. Mutts supporting cast includes Mooch and Earl's very nice owners, the butcher at the meat shop, a lonely goldfish, a runaway cat, a crabby crab, an insecure bird, and a neighborly bulldog. Plus, the "dishtinct" Mutts dialogue makes this comic strip really stand out!

Mutts appears in over 500 newspapers, with Patrick's books published in more than 20 countries. It is essentially a commentary on life at its best. Earl and Mooch will steal your heart!

mooch takes a tumblesh

Mutts : What'sh News

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-- New pictures added to the Mutts album!

-- Congratulations to Patrick! Read how he is serving on the US Humane Society Board.

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Earl & Mooch's Vacation

Click to see Mooch and Earl on vacation! *Very fresh!* Follow Mooch and Earl as they travel on new Mutts vacations! This is the must-see photo page for any Mutts fan. More adventures will be made; please send your ideas to Shaili!

View the exclusive fan Mutts picture album, by Shaili

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Mutts' Repeating Storylines

Patrick McDonnell is known for creating a depth of personailty for every character he has introduced to his comic series. In doing so, he has purposefully written certain storylines to reoccur throughout his strips. These reoccurances have endeared many fans to the cast's quirkiness. Here are examples of some now-classic Mutts situations:

Earl: the ultimate best friend

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Mutts cast takes a trip

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